What is Dags?


piaki (gypsy) version of dog

d'ya lie dags?

See iain


Irish pikey (gypsy) word for dogs.

Dya like Dags? (Brad Pitt from Snatch)


A person employed to remove the crusty pieces of excrement found hanging from a sheep’s arse or the pieces of excrement that are not removed by fail of personal hygiene.

I would rather eat the remnants of peas, carrots and cabbage soup contained within the ‘dags’ of a homeless mans arse then feast upon the prawns and lobsters with management at the Company Christmas party.

Or the dags on my arse feel like hemorrhoids.

See shit, excrement, arse, poo, crap


A wordPikey wordvariation on "dogs"

Do you like dags?


when you shat all over your own ass and the crap drys randomlyon your ass hairs

oh man i had mexican last night and boy when i got up and had a crap it left dags on my ass


mike dags is undefined. he wanders through life without a purpose, without people who genuinely like him, and without any talent in any area whatsoever, gay, creepy techie who likes to take pics of girls asses and then claim not to have done it, who talks to tim for maore than 10 seconds, doesnt shower, wears orange, looks like a xmas tree

mike dags is a flaming homosexual

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its a n acronym that means "Do a Google Search"

<Action> anyone know where i can get a goooooood trivia bot from?

<elf> dags

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