Dani Filth

What is Dani Filth?


Singer of Cradle of Filth. Real name is Daniel Davey.

Dani Filth is a very nice girl.... and is married to Sierra! Gurl plz.

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Hottest man alive. period. Lead singer of Cradle of Filth. Banshee like screams have made the band amazing and unforgetable.

DAMNNNNNNN, that dude looks like dani filth, hes so hottt.

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Basicly, frontman of the best band to emerge from this world, EVER. ...In otherwords & in my eyes and i'm sure plenty of others will agree GOD.

Dude, have you seen that Dani Filth frontman for Cradle of Filth he's so hot. He's like a GOD!

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Singer for the biggest black metal band of all time Cradle of Filth, also notable for his absurdly terrible vocals, reminiscent of a small bird being sodomized by Lexington Steelecheesy goth tomfoolery and ridiculous pseudo-Satanic teenie bopper imagery.

The poster boy for Faggoth.

"Maybe Dani Filth is the antichrist...I mean God *does* hate fags."

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