What is Darfur?


Darfur is NOT a country, rather a region in Sudan. Site of what the U.S. Congress has called "genocide", Darfur has seen little foreign intervention.

Go to savedarfur for more information about what you can do to STOP GENOCIDE. Literally 100's of thousands are already dead.

Darfur is like the holocaust. But since it is Africans that are dying and not jews, we don't do a thing.

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Darfur is a region in the country of Sudan. Yet if you ask a liberal, Darfur and Sudan have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Somehow, they are two completely different and unrelated political issues.

In Darfur, horrible genocide is being committed, hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered needlessly. Everyone must join together to help Darfur, which supposedly the Bush administration does not care about.

However in Sudan, NO ONE is being killed, and anyone who claims so is clearly racist. When Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a speech to say something desperately needed to be done about the genocide in Sudan, he was viciously attacked by liberals; since obviously the situation in Sudan is nothing more than a warmongering Republicanlie.

Liberal Sheep: Darfur = GOOD! Sudan = BAD!

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Country in Africa where genocide is occuring. Woman are raped, branded, used as sex slaves, usually after their husbands, sons, and brothers are slaughtered. While we're all sitting on our computers comfortably, the leaders are ignoring this horrible tragedy. Seems like everyone, all the way to the UN, ignores Colin Powell's cries for help.

Time Magazine did an article on Sudan and Darfur, but everyone will probably be sad for about 5 minutes. Please keep them in your mind and spread awareness.

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A cause that insecure college students talk about to try and prove to others that they know all about world affairs.

Did you hear about those people killed in Martinique? We must do something! *Pops collar*

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A shitty region in Sudan that is suffering a terriable genocide. Rich sheepish left wing college students talk about it just because their left wing professor made it such an issue. These same college kids also drive to class in their mom and dads BMW's and Mercedes. This issue will most likely be another money pit for hard working U.S. tax payers.

"Stupid left wing kid 1. Hey that genocide is really messed up over in Darfur. But instead of joing the peace corps and actually making a difference we'll just stay here in our white collar neighborhoods and bitch about the issue and sound important."

"Stupid left wind kid 2. Yeah sending money to poor countries always solves the issue. Besides people have to believe us we went to college for a semester and are now experts on world affais. Sure we learned about it from our left wing professor but its not like he's trying to push his agenda or anything!"

"Me- You fucking retards."

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A place where bad things happen to people. Oddly enough, the same people who always say 'peace to Darfur' are the same dumbasshippies that protest war in a rather absent-mindedly attempt to be nonconformist and fight the machine. They do raise a few good points every so often, but not enough to actually support the side they take. So few of them know just what the machinethey fight against is, and just protest because they are incapable of intelligent thought processes.

Have you actually ever stopped to listen to these people who like to talk about darfur? They are overly-opinionated, mentally retarded dumbasses who hate on bush just because everyone else does. What's funny is that most of them are several times more retarded than George W.

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