What is Dark?


1: A lack of light, or closer to the color black

2: Depressing, scary, or triviliazing something that others would find depressing or scary.

3: Another way of saying evil

4: Having to do with individuality and isolation. Considered good in some circles, with it's opposite, light having to do with conformity and lack of integrity.

Hey, the room just got dark.

Dead baby jokes? I didn't realize you had such a dark sense of humor.

Watch out, he has dark intentions.

So you're dark, I was getting tired of dealing with all those sheep.


mean, cold, heartless

"don't beat him up that would be dark"


Originally meaning moody/scary/bad scene

Now also the inverse

In Drum and Bass (or Jungle) music parlance fast beats and minor chords.

That tune was dark, I first heard on these snidey E's and it was like, bad Dark, but it is proper DARKcore.


The greatly over used word to describe the relatively tame subject matter of PG rated movies, thus diluting its true meaning. For example The Dark Knightor Harry Potter.


Moron McMoronington: " The Dark Knightis the darkest of the two."

Grandad: "The jewish prisoners at Auschwitz saw some very dark times..."

Tom "Yes indeed."

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adjective; vulgar racist slang, usually describing multiple black people

A bigoted white guy and his friend walk into the dance club downtown. Once inside, they realize that there are a lot of black people at the dance club. The guy whispers to his friend, "dude it's a little to dark in here for me, lets leave."

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The state of being really drunk. Similar to "blacking out"

"I'm dark as night" or "Let's get dark on the darkest day of the year (Dec. 21)"

See drunk, blacked out, fucked up, shitty, shitfaced


Used to describe something or sometime with a disturbing quality

- Ey that presenter from countdown died yesterday

- Whoa...that's pretty dark, homeboi

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