What is Darkamikaze?


a series of redundant words combined to make a series of retardedly funny definition.

Dar- a root word implying something is retarded.

Kami- a japanese word for God or in another content, Hair.

Kaze- a japanese word for wind.

In retrospect to one another, they translate to :

a retard who considers himself a God because he knows a little knowledge of Japanese words,who'se hair blows in the wind to make him look even more ridiculous then what his SN implies. Said person also thinks leaving a definition of a person named Mari would end at that, not knowing the vengeful nature of the Mari's. Said person also may have the name Gerome or a related spelling of some sort because they are too fancy for the name jeremy.

A naive fool who does not think in the long run.

Person 1: I HEART Gerome

Person 2: you wouldn't if you knew that he makes fun of innocent young ones names.

Person 1: GASP i was such a darkamikaze!

Person 2: so you loved yourself? wait who are you?

Person 1: um... my name's gerome.

See loser, naive, fool, tard


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