What is Darling?


A darling is a person you really appreciate. Could be a great friend or a soon-to-be romantic partner.

Hey darling! I missed you.


1) What a boy says to a girl he likes

2) What a girl says to a boy she likes

3) A term of endearment/ appreciation

4) See honey

Boy: Hey darling!

Girl: Drop dead.

See darling, honey, term


A term of endearment between couples. Younger couples use the word less since it can sound very patronizing and old. However, it's come a long ways since the 1950's flair it gives out. It has been commonly used in the latest pop/ punk/rock/emo song hits these days. Darling is going to be the next "boo".

"Darling, what is going on?" -Escape the Fate

"And darling, dear, get a grip." -Cute Is What We Aim For

"'Cause darling what did you expect?"- Fall Out Boy

Girl: "Be my darling."

Guy: "Dude, my grandma calls my grandpa that."

Girl: "B-but-but it's sooo cute!"

See song, pet name, cute


A sweetheart. A hubbie. A very close friend.

Lonely rivers aka unchained melody. oh.... my love... my darling... I hunger for your touch...


the most important thing to me in the world. very clueless but shes still awesome no matter what

Me: Hey Darling

Her: Hey sunshine

Me: Ur the best

Her: <3

See darling, sunshine, awesome, amazing, perfect


a description mainly for women, can be patronizing.

Darling it was only a bycicle!

See honey, sugar, lover, mate


An old hag mostly found smoking pot in parking lots

She's such a darling

See darling, hag, ugly, pot, old, smelly


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