Date Movie

What is Date Movie?


A movie that is so shite that you would only see it on a date with someone in the hope of having sex with them afterwards.

Girl: "Let's see Pretty woman/Moulin Rouge/ Sleepless in Seattle/ The Breakup."

Guy (says): "Sure, sounds great." (Thinks) Man, that's such a date movie. Oh well, at least I'll get laid afterwards."

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The absolute worst movie of 2006. One of the worst films ever. So incredibly awful that they actually put Alison Hannigan in a fat suit. Most of the people who watched it committed a big messy suicidein the middle of the theater. Avoid at all cost. About as funny as a marathon of Mind of Mencia.

Dude, that was worse than Date Movie.

I'm sorry for the death of your mother my friend.

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to date movie, is to repeat something a re-fucking-dicilously huge amount of times, through fault of being a tard

Chris: you see date movie?

Jacob: no.

::5 min later::

Chris: you see date movie?

Jacob: what the fuck? you just asked me that, no.

::30 seconds later::

Chris: you see date movie?

Jacob:: NO!

::5 days later::

Jacob: you see date movie?

Chris: eff you.

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