Date Shield

What is Date Shield?


A female 'friend' who shows no outward interest in you, but will go all out to prevent you from hooking with other women by slagging you behind your back.

I was so ready to hook up with the sheila, but annie date shielded me.

See yoohoo


When a female friend brings someone else along on a date in order to prevent any nookie.

Couldn't get on first base last night because she bought along her dog as a date shield.

See dating, girlfriend, wet blanket, date, date rape


A biohazard tattoo directly above the ass crack of a closet homo who can't get any pussy 'cause they're always locked up in prison! Yup, that's why they are always violating parole; so they can get back in jail for some schweaty man love!

Bubba: I wuz gonna nail that little white bitch in the shower this morning, but that little fag has a biohazard tattoo on his crack. That mofo got aids now or is that just a date shield?

Chaz: Dude, you are calling HIM a fag? You are the one nailing a man in the ass. I believe that makes YOU the homo in this situation!


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