Dave Matthews Band

What is Dave Matthews Band?


Most Ultimate Best Band Ever. Pretty much all of their albums are extremely excellent with the best beign Under the Table and Dreaming. The way they perfectly blend guitar, sax, bass, drums and violin is incredible.

Person 1: I hate Dave Matthews Band

Person 2 (Highly Intellegent Person): Shut up you very retarted human.

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One of the many bands known to many "bros" and is also known to be good music to "bro out", also has good music for a solid "bro rape"....

- Derrick Comedy

Bro: "Dude is gonna be so fun, bro! Come on have some ale"

Dude: "Alright, bro..this is gonna be wicked"

Bro: "Okay, now take off ur pants"

*Bro puts on famous Dave matthews Band song "Ants Marching"*

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Satan's attempt to ruin rock music from the inside.

Dave Matthews Band is the Musical antichrist.

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A popular rock band the hit it big with their first album Under The Table And Dreaming in 1994. They have been a band since 1991. They formed in Charlottesville, Virginia when Dave Matthews searched around for potential band members. He found Carter Beauford, drummer; Steffan Lessard, bassist; LeRoi Moore, Sax; and Boyd Tinsley, Violin. There were some others that played with Dave, but those are the five official band members. Since then Dave Matthews Band has been nominated for 11 Grammys and won one. They currently have 6 studio albums.

Dave Matthews Band is the greatest band ever!!

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A band that each of it's new releases is welcomed (along with the latest abercrombie & fitch catalog) by middle-class white kids.

Dude #1 - "hey bro, did you get the new dave matthews band cd yet?"

Dude #2 - "yeah, man; it's great. let's go to the mall".

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A truly talented band. People who are musically uneducated and narrow-minded tend to hate them. Many trash them without listening to their music. CD-recordings do them no justice, if you honestly want to hear all that is "DMB", attend a live concert. Carter, Leroi, and Boyd basically make the band, with Dave's voice topping the cake. Anyone that says they are talentless has no musical taste. There's a difference between not liking a band's music and thinking they suck.

"Yo, Dave Matthews Band SUCKS man! I have NO musical taste whatsoever!"

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Dave Matthews is a painfully generic band usually found on the music interests section of Facebook.

Normal College Kid 1: Hey bro, what are you listening to?

Normal College Kid 2: Oh, just some Dave Matthews Band. I also like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, radiohead, John Mayer, and O.A.R.

Normal College Kid 1: Oh no way Bro, me too!

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