What is Dbr?


Damaged Beyond Repair, used to designate a person so lacking in common sense, compassion, and regard for others that he/she is unworthy of consideration for dating, friendship, marriage, etc.

"Girl, don't date him - he is DBR.

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DBR stands for "Dry Bum Rape"

As the title suggests it is bum rape, dry. As in not moist, as in the non usage of such pleasure enhancing lubricants

"Beighton enjoys some nice DBR off his father"

"Your walking like you have just been DBR'd"


An acronym for "Don't be racist"

Often used as a reply or statement towards people who exercise the use of racism and/or stupidity.

badboy: You are a <racist word>.

-_-: DBR!

See -_-


Acronym for "Don't be racist"

Often used as a reply or statement to those who exercise the use of racism and stupidity.

badboy: you are a <racist word>

-_-: DBR!

See -_-


Stands for 'Death By Rape'.

Officer: Sorry, you girlfriend died last night.

Person: How?

Officer: DBR

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day-boy-room: Place where huge homos like to go when they get made fun of by bording students. Often the site of willie sucking all the DB's (day boys) meat whistle's

DB1: Hey wille i just got made fun of by a freshman

DB: its ok i put him on a shitty crew. You want me to suck your dick?


D.B.R.: Stands for "Double Butthole Roll

Sexual position where the lady has her legs behind her head and you're proking her.

We got some DBR going on last night


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