What is D-chae?


diː-chey (n):

1. The acquired alias for any particular individual who falsely claims the ownership of an already owned vehicle.

2. One who is indulged in his or her own ego.

3. One who is blind to logic.

4. An effeminate individual who participates in the act of gossip

5. A horrible composer of written text.

(adj) :

1. Confused.

See also : Daniel Chae

Example 1 :

"Hey did you know the kid who has a 350Z?"

"Really? Wow!"

"Well he sent me pictures so it must be true!"

"Oh that's just the D-Chae, just forget about it."

Example 2 :

"Hey did you know that Art Center costs liek $200,000 a year to attend?"

"Stop being such a D-Chae. You could buy a house in several years with that kind of money."

Example 3 :

"I know it doesn't make sense but it makes sense to me!"

"That is one D-Chae'd mofo"

See daniel, chae, army, cars


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