Dead Finger

What is Dead Finger?


1.the feeling of dissillusionment in organized religion once one has broken or injured his index finger within the confines of a church, or any religious institution.

2. the compensation for having a dead finger by wearing obnoxiously large diamond rings on said finger. also see: napoleon complex.

3. the tingling uncomfortable yet restless feeling one gets from over exertion of index finger.

4. any injury caused to a finger due to a mechanical mishap, where the flesh of the finger becomes deadened while still attached to the hand. often a result of work related injuries. the working class are particularly succeptable.

5. the act of blarting on one's finger while performing the shocker. this by no means indicates the discontinuation of shocker performance, but rather enhances the experience.

6. a secret organization or cult of similarly afflicted brethren. is said to be more widespread than the masons.

7. a term used to describe a finger covered in the over-spray of aerosol paint cans.

8. a finger held in a constantly erect pointing position, immovable and locked.

1. "I've been a dead finger ever since I slammed that door on my pointer finger on the way into sunday school. Fuck God."

2. "Yeah I got a deadfinger. But at least i got a diamond ring on that bitch."

3. "I went out tagging all night and i didnt get locked up, but i got a serious dead finger."

4. "Ever since that circular saw at the shop gave me the dead finger, my work was slacking. So they replaced me with a robot."

5. "Yeah, motherfucker."

6. "Did you see that guy with the black finger, and that huge diamond ring on it? Must be a high-ranking member of that dead finger society."

7. See example #3

8. "Stop pointing at me you friggin dead finger."

See dead finger


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