What is Dealie?


A term for a push cart which is used to carry your golf bag during a round of golf.

"Look at the guy he's got a dealie!"

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A word used to replace a noun when a person does not know what an object is

Doug:Dude pass me that big silver dealie.

Eric: u mean the spoon?

Doug yeah thats it


M-town slang for cigarette. Specifically, Camel Wides, but it extends to all smokable tobacco products.

"Jennaaaaa. Gimme a dealie, I'm out."

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same as all them above, only it originated from The Simpsons. A word used regularly by Homer.


a word in oreder to repalce when one might say "the whatchamacallit" when they dont know that name for it

istead of put it on the whatchamacallit(when you mean the table or any other object) you say put it on the dealie

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something you say when you don't know what something is could be used as an exclamitation of pain, used to state an emotion, or meaning cool. Invented by Mickle Pivik last year.

1) "Hand me the dealie."

2) "Have you been to the dealie?"

3) "Were's the dealie?"


Originated in an episode of the Simpsons. Used by fucking idiots who cant tell the difference between their assholes and a hole in the ground. They use this word because they cannot speak english and have trouble naming simple objects. Used in place of a noun.

Dude, I ve been drinking for three days, what's that dealie we use to funnel the beer?

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