What is Deap?


DEAP(Born-Ricardo Leon Jr On December 17th, 1985) Is A Puerto Rican Music Recording(RAP)Artist From North Philadelphia.(PHILADELPHIA-Home Of Artist Like: Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Gillie Da Kid, Cyssero, Cassidy E- Ness & Many More) At 8 Years Old, DEAP Was Heavily Involved With Music, Influenced By Members Of The Latin Def. Squad, Until One Of The Group Members Was Shot And Killed. DEAP Felt It Was His Obligation and Responciblity To Pick Up Where They Then Left Off. He Took The Initative To Songwrite, Record And Perform. In The Summer Of '99, At Age 13, DEAP Caught The Attention Of LJ, An Aspiring Philadelphia Producer Who Had Worked With Artist Such As Boyz II Men, Patty Labell, Will Smith & More. As DEAP Gained Music And Product Knowledge, A Mutual Decision Was Made For The 2 To Part Ways So That DEAP Could Pursue An Individual Music Career. During His Teenage Years DEAP Was Faced With The Reality Of The Music Industry. Streets Got Colder, Stomache Pains Emerged, Blood Poured, Money Decreased, But When The Hip-Hop Culture Prevailed, His Voice Had Already Done. With Highly Distinctive Vocals Influenced By Pain, Personal Struggle, Crime, Violence, Streets, Women, Money, & Drug Infestation Alongside Gritty Tales Of Poverty And Excessive Glorification Of A Hustler/Artist, His Music Would Then Transcend Into The Airwaves Where He Punctures The Highest Quality And Caliber Of An Artist. Through Heavy Eastcoast Sound, Followed By Bone Shaking Drums, With Medium to Hard Bass-Lines, Under Piano And Tight Harmony, or Club Banggaz, DEAP Establishes His Own Music. While Developing His Own Trademark And Familarizing Each City With His Powerful Vocals, He Made His Mark As One Of Philly's Most Thorough, Well-Respected, & Versatile Rappers. Battles And Freestyles Gained Him Respect And Street Credibility. In 2002, DEAP Recorded A Demo Titled "Cold Cornaz" Which Was Sent To Vibe Records, Where He was Requested To Showcase For LA Of Rap-A-Lot Records Under J Prince. There DEAP Found Himself In Likes Under Angelo Sanders(A&R) From Interscope and Kelly G From B.E.T Along With Other A&Rs. He Flew Back To Philly Where He Recorded a Feature For a 2005 Movie Titled "Hustle & Flow". During The Recording Process, DEAP Was Involved In A Fatal Motorcycle Accident And Metavacted To The University Of Pennsylvania Where He Almost Lost His Life In The Head Trauma Unit. Unfortunately The Track Did Not Make The Deadline. (Later in '08 DEAP's Biological father was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident) After Recovering In 2006, DEAP Recorded A Track For The Release Of The NBA Live '06 Video Game Titled "FIGHT FOR THE RING". Since 2007 DEAP Has Maintained Consistent Progression With Singles Released, Mixtapes, Video, Blogs, Features, And Radio Interviews. He Has Sparked The Interest Of Def Jam, Universal, Virgin, And Warner Brother's A&Rs'. Known Throught-Out The Streets Of Philadelphia, DEAP Owns His Own Inde. Label (BAD BATCH ENTERTAINMENT)Find DEAP Everywhere. Whether It Be At Underground/Mainstream Events, Your Favorites Artists Album Or Mixtape, Or Even in Your Own City! DEAP Is Always Networking And Showing Love, As He Still Never Becomes Just Anotha Victim Of Da Ghetto. "My Music? It's Just An Audio Version Of My Soul"-DEAP 2008 COPYRIGHT© BAD BATCH ENTERTAINMENT LLC ® ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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