Death Race

What is Death Race?


Probably the best movie of 2008 after Batman. CARS, ACTION AND DESTRUCTION. its a killing race staring Jason Statham and Terese Gibson. ITS A SOO FREAKING GOOD MOVIE. ......

fast and furious, 2 fast 2 furious, tokyo drift staring Vin diesel and Paul walker .... these move sucks next to Death Race!

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A fucking race to the death! And it's a movie to.

Hey Paul did you see that movie death race?

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A) Horrendous movie that, according to Roger Ebert, offends all of the senses; including common.

B) Verb: usually past tense: to kill someone during a death race

A) Dude wanna go see death race? Nah, let's just light our money on fire it'll be more entertaining.

B) Dude, Frankenstein death raced the shit out of pachunko when he twisted his neck off there!!!

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