What is Deather?


A conspiracy theorist who believes the democratic health care reform plan is a ruse to kill senior citizens and fetuses.

Did you hear that someone from the government if going to visit every old person every 5 years to see how they want to die? Then they are going to make a list of the old people to help die?

Dude, no way! I heard they are going to make every pregnant woman have an abortion because they are free.

Right on, dude! You're a deather? Are you a birther, too?

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"From birther, a related conspiracy theory which holds that President Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen. Inspired by the teabaggers of April 15, 2009.

One who believes or spreads the false conspiracy theory that the health care reform legislation before Congress would create "death panels" or force seniors and sick people into euthanasia."

From DailyKos: Rush Limbaugh is a deather

"Sarah Palin is a deather. Glenn Beck is a deather. Rush Limbaugh is a deather. " From DailyKos: Rush Limbaugh is a deather

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