What is Deemo?


A ten dollar dime bag of marijuana.

that nigga sells mad deemos son

See mnb


someone who likes thinks not because they are in fashion...and doesn't cut himself/herself or even think of suicide....

I can't think right now an example for DeEmo...!!!

See deemo, emo, emo kid, goth, punk


Deep Emo, Someone deep, doesn't understand his or her-self yet, Trying to figure out who he or she is.

DeEmo's Normaly have they're own style.. and NEVER go with what's "Popular" unless THEY like it.

DOES NOT CUT OR BURN SELF, and most DeEmo's do NOT think about suicide, and if/when does... never fallows through.

(Sounds Like Demo, With Long E)

1. "Noah Plz Don't be Emo... Be DeEmo, DeEmo's don't hurt themself"

2. "Kriston, Your Shoes Are SO DeEmo" (Using it in a personal Opinion)

3. Lacey: "Nobody Get's Me Kayla, I Don't Even Get Me..."

Kayla: "That's DeEmo, Your DeEmo"

See demo, emo, emo kid, goth, stereoype, stereotypes


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