What is Deepher?


the nickname of a sexy sorority girl of delta phi epsilon. so fun to hang out with, deephers are the coolest on campus and always up to party.

did you chill with that deepher last night?

yea bro, she's awesome!


the deephers will be at the party....

k fine ill go

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The sluts on campus who probably have diseases and wear obnoxious colored clothing paired with miniskirts and ugg boots. You can see them coming from miles away just by the orange glow of their fake tans, even in the winter months. They can usually be found drinking in the bars with their letters on...way to represent a national sorority, ladies. Their colors are purple and yellow and their mascott is the unicorn. Why not make their mascott the lochness monster, it would be more suitable.

Guy 1: Did you do that deepher bitch last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, and my crotch really itches.

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