What is Democrap?


the liberal jargon that flows from a Democats mouth.

You never hear anything from Howard Dean but democrap.


1. A slang term used to convey the unmistakable (or, unmistinkable) similarity between the Democratic party's espoused philosophy and ideals, and a bowel movement.

2. A warning that one has left the restroom in a state of olfactory distress.

Example (1) "If I'm financially successful, I should be punished by paying proportionally more in taxes than an individual of lower socio-economic status. That's a bunch of democrap."

Example (2) "Honey, you might want to stay out of the bathroom for a while. I just took a democrap."

See bathroom, obama, democrat, humor, politics, philosophy


when you have had liberal politics shoved shoved your throat so often you don't know whether to shit or go blind.

I went to take a democrap, and I couldn't even read the Times anymore...


1.) Synonymous for a typical Democrat, who is usually left-leaning and supporting of policies and actions that actually hurt America. Also a person who singles out conservatives and others who voted for George W. Bush. The majority of these left-wingers are known as liberals.

2.) The propaganda, hate speech, lies, and idiotic points that spew from a Democrat. Usually occurs on television, on college campuses, and during filibustering.

The liberal kids at the local university were emitting democrap about being in pro-gay and pro-abortion activism.


1.) A Democrat.

2.) The result of a liberal sitting on a toilet.

3.) A bigot.

Democraps opposing the Reconstruction started the KKK.


Also - The ridiculous scree these unethical hucksters espouse.

Gore was beaten in 2000 because all he had to offer was still more of Clinton's Democrap.

Hillary says Vince Foster Committed Suicide. That is some serious Democrap!


"Another slur that some mentally challenged Republicanazi bastard invented."

Yet you can't even figure out how to spell Republican?

2. "Crap from a Demo, whatever the goddamned hell that is."

Well i'll tell you pretty much everything you people say is crap

3. "A misspelling of the word "Democrat". Misspelled because the uneducated white trash pig molesters from Possumshit Arkansas can't spell worth a good god damn."

Yet your hero Mrs. clinton and her puppet i mean husband were from which state? Oh yeah thats right Arkansas!hmm kinda ironc so maybe they are closet pig fuckers?

Hillary is a closet pig fucker and thats no load of Democrap


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