What is Denstiny?


1. An individual with the lack of any common sense or elementary knowledge and destines to do or be something idiotic.

2. An individual who considers it their destiny and only aspiration in life to achieve grandiose dicklitude.

3. A belligerently drunk individual who believes they are extremely knowledgeable and capable however the lack of motor skills has left them incapable of speaking proper English.

I'm so good at drinking this beer that I think I'll go drive my car, it is my denstiny to get a DUI.

It is my denstiny throughout the day to be such an asshole to everyone around me that it is considered to be a skill.

Officer if I had something to drink right now I wouldn't be able to talk to you but if you'll hold on just a minute it is my denstiny to finish this beer then we can get on with this physical challenge of getting of my car and reciting the alphabet for you.

See dense, dumbass, dumbfuck, idiot, retard, moron


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