What is Denverism?


1) One of many completely useless, mind numbing, tactics to that are meant to deceive or misguide your peers of the present situation. 2) To come up with a load of bullshit that sounds so convincing that everyone in your workplace will be distracted of the fact you haven't done anything work related in days. 3) A method of torpedoing your co-workers who first tried to help you but you refused to accept it based on the fact that you think you are superior to them and they are unworthy of lending you a hand. Then when it comes down to the deadline, you blame everyone for not having anything done and make them do all the work for you anyways. 4) Wipeout. 5) Any idea conceived by a native of Arkansas. 6) Anything you can do to waste time or piss people off or both. 7) To turn every conversation even slightly related to work into a social event so that no work actually has to be done.

Sit down, shut up and do what you are told to. No one wants to waste their time listening to your useless Denverisms.

See denver, arkansas, wipeout, ass clown, throw under the bus


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