What is Deserterism?


The belief of disowning your past interests/friends in fear of scrutiny and the possibility of humiliation.

The followers are called, "Deserters", "Hypocrites" or in some cases "Desertocrites"

Regular Guy: "American Pie, the original, was a great film. It was hilarious!"

Deserterism Believer: "American Pie is NOT a film! It's a piece shit movie."

Regular Guy: "But didn't you own it on VHS and DVD, and have a poster of it on your wall back in the day?"

Deserterism Believer: "Well yeah, but that was, like, 10 years ago. So, yeah."

Regular Guy: "Oh, okay... I guess."

See hypocrite, douchebag, hipster, neo-hipster, asshole


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