What is Dfb?


Acronym short for the hip-hop group Dem Franchize Boyz. Providing the same catchy beat that over and over again with nothing really intelligent to say, but popular nonetheless.

Person #1: I just bought that new DFB cd.

Person #2: You f%@#ing idiot!

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a group of dope ass dirty foot bitches

damnnnnnnnnnn 'em dfb's be wilin' all over the 305. fasho!

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dumb fucking bitch,

1)_A woman that acts like she has no brains or logic yet she thinks she is hot,

2)_A woman that is rude without provocation

I was at the cashier window CASH in my hand,while looking straight at me she said "cash or charge" as she was picking up the $20.00 dollar bill ..What a DFB!


Short for dirty fenian bastard or in other words a catholic living in northern ireland

What's that smell? It that DFB sittin in the seat behind. Filthy bastard.

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An acronym for Displaying Fat Behavior. The culprit is not necessarily overweight themselves, just acting the part.

Is that your fourth hot dog? What a DFB!

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Acronym short for Disgusting Fat Body.

Paul weighs 410 pounds, he's such a DFB.

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DFB, known as Dem Franchize Boyz. A rap group who sang Oh I think they like me and Black Tees. (I think they are the best and coolest group ever)

Guy who likes DFB: Hey man, you know DFB rules don't ya?

Random guy on the street: What is DFB? Is DFB a disease?

Guy who likes DFB: No man, don't you nothing nothing bout DFB?

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