What is Dicking?


1. To have sexual intercourse with someone

Why should I help you... You aren't dicking me.


This is a term used to describe the act of hardcore sex or fucking.

John: Come look man, Joe and Miya are having sex in the bathroom.

Dan: Wow, he's really dicking her out.

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The new 'Happy Slapping'

Randomly thrust you genital area into the victims body.

The best areas to 'dick' someone are in the face, ear, behind and legs.

im dicking dean right now

Dick him!

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Term for when a female has sex.

man: Yea dude, i dicked her hard last night.

Female: my night wasn't too bad, got a good dicking then grabbed some ice cream.

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Another word for shagging

Tin-ed from Brookie is always dicking the birds from the close


Screwing up royally. What you say to someone you have trusted knows what is happening, but then realize that they are lost with no clue.

You have no idea what you are doing, do you? You are dicking big time!!

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When something does not work out, or you get screwed over somehow...Always said with exclamation!

"I went to get playoff tickets, but they were sold out. I took a dicking!"

"Everyone got into the concert except for me, what a dicking!"

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