What is Dickworm?


can be used to mean basically anything you want to describe (good/bad/ugly/stupid/mean/lucky/awesome)Background:rambled out of my mouth one fine day in the 4th grade...now im a freshman at college and use of the word in notheren VA is more popular than ever

That wombat was such a dickworm!!

Thats SO dickworm!!


Dickworm can be defined as a parasitic infection that grows on the shaft of a mans penis. It is often greenish yellow to complete yellow in colour and can itch or burn on contact. Dickworm often takes form in small spots or one single large spotted infection.

Dickworm is primarily caused by improper Asian blowjob technique or by masturbation with metal cleaning liquids. Rarely dickworm can be found on a joanzburged dog or the dogs master. (From prolonged contact with dog)

There are two treatment techniques for dickworm:

A) Anal sex has been known to remove dickworm completely

B) Rub olive oil on your shaft, then shred the infected spot raw with a cheese grader. This will almost always destroy the infection.

"Oh my god, that guys cock has dickworm!"

"I pulled it out, and he had fuckin dickworm!"

"I got head from that fuckin lee-lee sucklow girl, she gave the worst BJ ever..I busted in her right eye and the next day I see symptoms of fuckin dickworm, not again!"

See cockrot, cheesedoodle


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