What is Digg?


A site created by former TechTV host, Kevin Rose, that uses a very unique feature to get all its tech news content, all the news is user submitted and promoted to the front page by people clicking the digg icon next to a story. When a story gets a certain amount of diggs it is promoted to the front page and everyone who visits the site will see it.

I posted slangdefine on digg and it got 600 diggs!


A social bookmarking website, and now turned social networking as well.

It is very similar to the likes of redditand slashdot, except now the creators are trying to make it into a social networking place as well (similar to facebook with news/submitted things).

Created by Kevin Rose, it is ran by its users through their own content driven submissions. The digg community voice consists of atheists and their leader, Richard Dawkins, Applefanboys, pro-pot, Ron Paulfanboys, and/or all sorts of liberal hipsters.

Submit a news story titled

"Ron Paul loves Apple's new product that resembles a pot leaf: cites and quotes famous atheist, Richard Dawkin, in the process."

and you'll get thousands of digg users to digg it.

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A site created to make you enjoy wasting your time

discovering pointless information that you'll forget the

next day...

Its awsome

How the hell did i waste the whole day on digg?

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A web site that over glorifies everything that is linux or apple. Anything that is microsoft is evil apparently.

A digg user has a nerdgasm whenever someone besides hismelf knows what Linux is.

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Web 2.0 social bookmarking website created by Kevin Rose that relies on it's users to submit interesting news, images, or videos.

While the Digg concept and interface is great, the website is unfortunately hampered by many flaws.

The front page is nearly controlled by power users and it's nearly impossible for average diggers to get their submission into the front page.

As Digg becomes more mainstream, the core intelligence of Digg is taking a nosedive with the website slowly becoming a variation of 4chan.

Screw Digg, I'm switching to Reddit.

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4-Chan lite.

I went to Digg and totally posted a joke I found on 4-Chan. It was so funny, I think I got like two upvotes! Hurrr...

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A website very much like slashdot that "is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community."

Basically this means that there are no editors, aside from the users. When a story is submitted, it must recieve a certain amount of "diggs" before it is promoted to the front page, where the linked article will sometimes succumb to the "digg effect" due to the massive increase in traffic. The comment system works the same way as the article system in the way that comments can be "dugg" when they are good, but they also be buried when they suck. Any user has an unlimited amount of diggs and buries, which sometimes causes problems, but the system works for the most part.

My website got promoted to the front page on digg and was knocked offline due to the digg effect.

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