What is Dill?


1.(n) Someone who consistently performs unbelievable acts of stupidity.

2.(n) A friend, dude, or buddy

1. "You just lit the wrong end of your cigarette, dill!"

"Dominic Wild is a total dill!"

2. "What's up, dill?"


Of course no one has mentioned that this is also an herb.

Dill (Anethum graveolens)

The taste of dill leaves resembles that of caraway, while the seeds are pungent and aromatic. Freshly cut, chopped leaves enhance the flavor of dips, herb butter, soups, salads, fish dishes, and salads. The seeds are used in pickling and can also improve the taste of roasts, stews and vegetables. Try grinding the seeds to use as a salt substitute. Both the flowering heads and seeds are used in flavored vinegars and oils.

Some dill-hole actually wrote about the herb dill under this listing!


Another way to say dick, cock, shlong, or penis.


2. What happened? DILL!

3. Yo that movie sucked DILL!

4. Whattup? DILL!

5. She sucked DILL! at sucking DILL!

See cock, dick, cizzock, shlong


Bad spelling for the word 'dil', which is short for dildo. A mistake indicative of the pathetic shape our public education system is in.

Dude, you are such a dill(dil).

See dildo, schlong, cock, prick, dil



dang that girl wants to touch my dill

See pickle, dick, weiner, hotdog


n. A person, object, idea, or event, whom acts or participates in a laughable, foolish or bombastic manner or act causing spectators to turn their thumbs in the downward position; to be dill; dillness.

v. To act in a dillish manner.

adj. Being or approaching the state of dill. unacceptable behavior. immature. selfish.

dill- pref. or suf.

to change meaning of original word to a dill like state, usually replacing the first or last syllable of word or phrase with the word dill.

Interjection. used in extreme cases of dillitude expression.

n."Don't be a dill, and bail out on rent again this month"

v. "To err is human, to dill is unforgivable"

adj."Saying 'sup niggas?' in the middle of that all black men basketball game was a dill idea"

pref- "Fr0w is a total dillinator, sent from the future to kill all things cool."

(dilltastic; "dill of the year": personof the year, only dill)

suf."Job well dill"




Used in place of the word deal.

"What the dill?"

"What the dilly, yo?"


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