Ding Dongs

What is Ding Dongs?


A former professional wrestling tag team who wrestled in World Championship Wrestling. The Ding Dongs consisted of journeyman wrestlers Jim Evans and Richard Sartain. They hailed from "Bellville, USA" and wore costumes were full orange bodysuits clad with bells. Their main gimmick was one Ding Dong ringing a loud, annoying bell on the ring apron while the other Ding Dong wrestled. Introduced at Clash of the Champions VII, they were reviled by the fans from day one and disappeared after a dominating loss to the Skyscrapers where they were unmasked to complete the burial.

I was hoping for an excellent wrestling match when I turned onto TBS but all I saw were The Ding Dongs.

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Illegal drugs consumed in tablet form taken while partying in night clubs e.t.c. Ecstasy tablets.

"As if had 7 ding dongs last night....thats bad!"

"Hey lets get messed upon the ding dongs tonight!"

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big breasts

that lady has huge ding dongs

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