Dinkle Quotes

What is Dinkle Quotes?


Dinkle Quotes are random facts about Dinkleman, written on bathroom walls of bars, restaurants, etc. Dinkle Quotes first appeared at Crunchy's, a bar near Michigan State Univeristy's campus, in late 2007. Random facts can include comments about Dinkleman being extremely hairy, the adventures his genitalia have been on, or just about anything.

Dinkle Quotes have spread around the country in various bathrooms, one has even appeared in a bathroom in London, England.

Although few know the true identity of Dinkleman, Dinkle Quotes provide tons of insight to this mysterious man.

Dinkle Quotes:

"Dinkleman has five o' clock shadow on his dick"

"Dinkleman has 17 wives... that he knows of"

"Dinkleman's dick has shaken Abe Lincoln's hand"

"Dinkleman 27 kids all named George Foreman Dinkleman"

"Dinkleman was the inspiration for the Chia Pet. D-D-D-D-Dinkleman!"

"Dinkleman has an evil twin named Jerry"

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