What is Dirrrty?


1) (adj.)awesome, great, sexy, fresh, fly, perfect, good, nice, sweet, nasty, cool

2) (noun)a person, friend, acquaintance

3) A word commonly utilized by the Gay Cowboy


"Yo Jay Hyll, how's the lacrosse team this year?"


"YO YO YO, all mah dirrrties in da house, what up?!"

See gay cowboy, dirrty, dirrrty, awesome, sweet, cowboy, doe boy fresh, hustle, crank that, superman, lacrosse, ghetto, nasty


A word used to describe a porn video that slutty pop singers make to attract a young teenage audience. Such porn videos are called "pop" videos, but the latter two are synonymous.

See Jackie


An elabotarion of the english word: "Dirty". Only used when plain old "Dirty" just doesn't cut it.

Gee, that Christina is dirrrty.


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