Dirty Pig

What is Dirty Pig?


Pejorative. Less-attractive strippers scheduled as filler so that headliners can take breaks between dances.

The term comes from slopping pigs, in which pigs are fed vegetable scraps and food waste, stuff that's unfit for human consumption.

"Dirty pig" is considered to be disrespectful and contemptuous and so is not used openly, but the term has been in use for years.

"Dolphin says she'd like some more time before her second and third dance, so I'm scheduling another dirty pig."

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Lower class or less attractive burlesque dancers or exotic dancers. Lower earners.

"The Regent, a house of burlesque in 1920s Chicago, was a purveyor of so-called 'dirty pigs,' a place of lesser repute where dancers started and ended their careers." - Sobel, Bernard. "Burleycue: An Underground History of Burlesque Days".

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