Dirty Thirty

What is Dirty Thirty?


A thirty pack of beer! Ususally Keystone!

Hey man we drank a dirty thirty! Right On.

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A case of Keystone Light beer. 30 cans... Popular at high school and college parties because of the beverage's affordable cost in comparison to other beers. The term "dirty thirty" was coined in reference to the beer's lackluster if not downright "dirty" taste, and quantity of 30 cans of beer in the package. Despite its shortcomings, eager drunkards across the great u.s. of a. are willing keep their costs down on the shillings to shitfaced (s.t.s.) ratio scale so that the former number can be achieved for a lower price.

"Hey Tom's house is open tonight. I'm going to swing by the Shell and pick up a dirty thirty."

"Alright Ladies, this dirty thirty is on the house!"

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A thirty pack of beer. Usually some nasty shit like Milwaukee's Best Light.

"Dude what should we get for tonight?"

"How bout a dirty thirty of Beast Lite?"

"Sounds good, lets get f***ed up!"

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Noun, South Side Chicago: 1. A $30.00 eighth of cheap weed, invariably containing many seeds and stems; 2. Nick Swisher, player for the Chicago White Sox, who is in possession of both the fire and the passion.

"You pick up some dank tonight?"

"Nah, just a dirty thirty. It's straight, though."


"Fuck yeah! Dirty 30 just doubled to left!"

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A drinking game (originating in Upstate NY/Capital District area).

Usually played, just prior, to heading out to the bars & clubs (A.K.A. "pre-game drinking" or "pre-gaming").

RULES: using an egg timer, or clock... every participant drinks a completely full shot glass of beer every minute, on the minute.

This game is used as an easy way to get a quick "buzz"... yet difficult (for some) due to the constant smaller quantities of alcohol, timing, and aeration of the beer.

SEE: "Power Hour" for a longer version of this game.

Person A: "Let's head out to the bars!"

Person B: "No. Let's watch the end of the game, then head out to the bars."

Person C: "I want a good buzz before we leave..."

Person B: "Let's do a Dirty Thirty, then head out to the bars!"

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The age in which it becomes socially unacceptable for a man to ogle and hit on any female under the age of 20. Its just creepy to see a dirty old man (age 30 and over) salivating over a hot young thing (less than 20 years old)!

It didn't bother me so much when Bill was 29 and hitting on the hot little 19 year-olds, but now that he is dirty thirty, it is just sad to watch.

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Thirty pack of "Miller High Life" cans.

Dude, I drank a whole dirty thirty last night -or- Wanna get a dirty thirty?


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