What is Disorderly?


This is definitely the best and greatest game on NewGrounds. It is a fight-em-to-the-finish kind of game that resembles Double Dragon and Final Fight.

Along with the awesome graphics, gaming style, and sound effects, Disorderly also has extra sideline games that you access by opening a door along the way. The basic objective and theme of this game is to clear out a large number of OLD FOLKS in a nursing home, as they have filled it to the limit and are eating away at profits, thus you are also trying to save your job as an orderly.

The nursing-home based game is really fun, and no doubt the best game on the entire site, thanks to the genious of Tom Fulp the author.

The only actual thing I don't like about it, of course, is that your killing old people, which I definitely wouldn't do in real life. But you MUST play this game!


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