Dj Fugami

What is Dj Fugami?


DJ Fugami, aka Mike Silverman and earlier Biker Mike, is a staple in the Washington, DC club scene. Starting out at clubs like The Edge and Tracks in the early 90's, he was originally known for playing early techno. As the scene in DC changed, he started playing Detroit style house music. Eventually, and nobody seems to know why, DJ Fugami sorta vanished. From about 1999 until 2005, nobody really saw or heard much of him. In late 2005 he started showing back up at Top 40 bars in Northern VA and DC again. In early 2007, we started seeing flyers for him again in DC playing house. He's now all over the place again playing mostly Chicago style house. He has residencies at Lounge 201, The Barking Dog, and The Tombs. DJ Fugami has also started putting out mixes again on his website, djfugami and they don't sound much like his early stuff, even though they're still house.

DJ Fugami is rockin' the house beats in DC!

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