What is D'liouh?


D'liouh can technically be translated for the phrase "it is," however it is commonly used without any particular meaning at all. The action of saying d'liouh is referred to as "dropping a d'liouh." D'liouh is often used in an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

"Ben, did you do last night's homework?"


"Bill, isn't that your mom over there?"

"What the d'liouh are you talking about?"

See huh, what, i dont know, why, yo


D'liouh is one of the oldest words in the world, dating back to the early Latin days. The translation of d'liouh was lost long ago. A d'liouh can be "dropped" at any time in any situation. That is the beauty of the word. Dropping a d'liouh is the perfect way to get out of a sticky situation.

"When life hands you lemons, make d'liouh soup."

"Jimbo has been known to be an avid d'liouh dropper."

"Oh my God Tanner, what is going on in your pants?"


See huh?, what?, say what?


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