Doggin' It

What is Doggin' It?


Being a lazy-ass hoser, procrastinating.

Stop dogging it and get down to work!


A way of telling an athlete that they are giving half-assed effort.

You better stop doggin' it, or those new shoes will be worn out in a hurry.

See half-assed, hustling, lethargic, lackadaisical


An ambiguous term that can be used as;

a) something good

b) something bad

c) an insult

d) sentence filler (basically saying it just to say it)

a) "I got the steaks doggin it' on the BBQ"

b) "my stock portfolio is doggin' it big time"

c) "I hear Pauls been doggin it' like a fairy"

d) Sean: "look all i'm saying is that sex is always better when you pay for it!"

Paul: "doggin' it with the prostitutes, atta sean"

sean: "wtf?"

See it, good, bad, doggin, dogging, ambiguous, filler


Exclamation of something amazingly cool.

A: "Yo dude, I gots Sandy behind the bike sheds, ya know."

B: "Doggin' it."


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