What is Dole?


Unemployment insurance; or, less commonly, any form of public assistance.

Since the company he worked for went out of business and he did not quit or get fired, he was eligible to go on the dole.


Australia: Unemployment benefits from the government. Known in the US as "welfare".

Also see "dole bludger".

Just heading down to the Centrelink to put in my dole form.

I don't have any money until dole day.

See Andrew


1. Common word for the Unemployment Benefit. Basically, money for nothing.

2. A kind of Banana.

1: "I used to be on the dole, but after those WINZ fucks started bothering me every week, I told them to stick it up their ass"

2. "Dang, I wanted Dole bananas, not Bonita bananas!"


Someone who cannot be bothered to work and claims money off the state to pay for their drug habbit.

JsT is on the dole and like to buy hash with his dole money.

See Bob


Municipal or state social assistance, specifically welfare. Not to be confused with employment benefits, or "pogey".

People on the dole are so poor they can't even afford to pay attention.

See poverty, poor, welfare, social, benefits


To give/deal. Can be (and often is) followed by 'out'.

I doled out slices of the victory cake to each of the club members.


A bannana

He eats Dole Bananas

See TheNuke


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