Dolly Parton

What is Dolly Parton?


A blonde, busty country music singer, songwriter and all-around American institution whose gargantuan bra size is surpassed only by her astounding musical talent. Has won a gazillion or so Grammys and has sold nearly as many records.

Hey, that's Dolly Parton singin' on the "Hee-Haw"

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I think it means a girl who has a huge chest. Or wears alot of makeup and dresses flashy.

Check out Dolly Parton over there.

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When sledding down a snow-covered hill and there are less sleds than people, it is the act of nearly sharing your sled but sliding down the hill again at the last moment.

Person 1: "Here, Person 2, take my sled."

Person 2: "Thank--"

Person 1: "DOLLY PARTON!"

Person 1 then slides down the hill again.

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1.A random famous person.

2.A very chesty girl.

1.OMG! Is that Dolly Parton?

2. ISn't it strange how her mother is an A cup and she's dolly parton?

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A famous country singer with breasts too large to even be considered real. A prime example of what teenagers call "fake people"

Stupid young person #1: "Look at Dolly Parton smile!! Isn't she just the most beautiful person you've ever seen?"

Stupid young person #2: "... Everytime?!?"

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In Texas Hold 'Em, it is when the player's hole card are any 9 and any 5, referring to the Dolly Parton movie, 9 to 5.

He folded a dolly parton.

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a hot woman who has sexy legs.

Damn, she's hot!!

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