What is Dominator194?


Dominator194 is the best firemaker in the popular MMORPG runescape. Currently, he is rank 18 in firemaking. Dominator194 has surpassed over hundreds of thousands of skilled firemakers in runescape, expert1212 was rumored to be his biggest rival along with empror1 and leronea. Dominator194 has over 80 million firemaking experience up to date.There are many rumors that dominator194 gained over six million firemaking experience in one day, this is not yet proven true. However, he was seen getting over two million firemaking experience almost for a duration of nine days strait.

Achieve and persevere is his main motto. He is recognized as the most persevering runescape player in history, having posted his famous goals and achievements thread"achieve and persevere nonstop". Dominator194 was not a simple minded runescaper out for fun, he improved day and night constantly since classic, possibly gaining up to eighty mining in one day. He is known to hate giving up and doesn't accept failure even if failure will most likely be the end result.

"One day I started feeling it , accomplishment. I gained levels quickly , my first skill at 99 fire making. I aimed at becoming the best player in runescape. Persevere , accomplish , runescape was the only place I could do it."

Although he is supposedly the best firemaker in runescape, he had failures in the past. It is said that dominator194 got hacked back in july 2004, he lost over a total of sixty million. However, his self confidence pushed him forward...He was banned over eight times, six of which he was banned permantely.Using the billing support and a very powerful message, he was able to recover and get back in the top 21 for firemaking. His last chance was a sucess and he gained another chance.

It is said that dominator194 achieved the impossible like an angel of light. He walked the sunlight, hovering down the heavenly universe past the stars of the infinite cosmos.

"Together, we flew in the sky , over the ocean , in a dream that lasted forever! With unbroken bonds of the new existence. I DECLARE THESE BONDS UNBROKEN. I will fly with them forever in a dream that turns to the new reality."

Dominator194 contributed to the high level of achievement in the runescape community and has motivated many players to set and achieve higher goals.

person 1: who is the best firemaker in runescape, isn't it zezima or empror1?

person 2: no it used to be dominator194..

person 1: oh yeah, thats a no brainer..

perseverance persevereconfidenceangel light universecosmosaccomplishfeeling starsheavenlyimpossibledominator194god

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dominator194 is a RuneScape player, holding the title of Grandmaster of the Flaming Arts for being the best in all RuneScape at firemaking. He is an absolutely fantastically interesting person and many books have been written about him. He is known today for his lofty goals and strange life story.Dominator194 was born in France while his American mother and father were visiting on a "business" trip. He loved to play in the ice box and ate sand from time to time in the winter. Fittingly, he grew up in America's other rectangle, Wyoming, a state that almost nobody has even heard of.

One day, at the age of six, Dominator194 was playing near his farm's local toxic waste dump to search for rare hot wheels cars. He spotted a green stick in the middle of a puddle. Unbeknownst to him, this was a defective nuclear reactor fuel rod, and touching it would change his life forever.He came home that day dissapointed after only finding two cars. His mother asked little Dominator194 about his day and where he had been, and there was no response. The poor boy tried very hard to tell her about the stick and the toys he found, but his voice was no use. He frantically wrote a note to his mother telling her of the rod.

Scientists concluded that this was a result of a radioactive mutation. Much like how a comic book superhero would turn blind and gain superhuman combat abilities, Dominator194 lost his voice and gained the power of infinite patience and inhuman boredom tolerance.

These powers seemed quite remarkable to him, but for many years they were mostly useless. He had already knit over 2,000 sweaters and memorized the complete works of Shakespeare, and he had moved on to sitting really still and doing nothing. This meager life would continue until one day, his parents bought him a computer.He did a web search for "boring games" and RuneScape was, of course, the first result. Obviously, it appealed to him in several ways, and he quickly began gaining levels.

He chose to pick one skill, and completely master it. His choice was firemaking, and in a very short time he had achieved his goal. He gained experience at a speed estimated at 4.3 times |N0valyfe's leveling rate. This would have shocked the RuneScape community if anyone gave a shit about the firemaking highscores.

After realizing this was not enough fame and fortune for him, he began to outline a RuneScape domination plan, including overthrowing Zezima and becoming the permanent number one RuneScape player. Soon, Dominator194 would literally live on the game and learn to actually play in his sleep. He gained a cult following for these talents.

Zezima and Yogosun, in a rare conversation, took notice of Dominator194 and agreed to stop him. They both left their homes for the first time in an estimated 27 years, and drove to Wyoming together. After asking several corn farmers about his location, the pair knocked on Dominator194's door at night.

The poor kid couldn't even scream for help, as Zezima shoved him into the same ice box he loved as a child. At this point he probably wished he had better superpowers, because Yogosun shut the door to the box and turned it to level 9 deep freeze. Dominator194 was frozen solid in seconds, and the box was abandoned, 10 feet away from the scene of the crime (mainly because they couldn't lift it very far).

Two years later, in 2009, Dominator194 was found by a rescue dog after seven minutes of a rigorous state-wide police search effort. He was successfully unfrozen. Swearing vengeance on his rivals who nearly killed him, he checked the RuneScape highscores. Dissapointingly for him, both players had long since quit. Instead, he decided to take it out on the new top players.

It is around this time that Dominator194 became quite delusional. He started to look up to Andrew Gower as a role model, and he set out on his biggest goal yet: to become...GOD!

It is estimated that he will overtake Gertjaars in a few months time, and in two years, he will be the permanent high score champion with 4.8 billion experience points (based on his 6 million a day experience claims).

Dominator194 talks about getting level 99 in a skill like you would talk about getting your first bronze dagger, you noob.

person A: who is the best firemaker in runescape? Isn't it zezima or empror1?

person B: no, I think it's dominator194..isn't he the grandmaster of firemaking?

person A: oh yeah, that's a no brainer... the one with infinite patience.

person C: Some advice on defining such a man would be a great-.- Even I can't define the best firemaker....

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