What is Domokun?


A large brown loaf. He was born on a hilltop from a strange white egg. He enjoys rice and walks in the moonlight. He dislikes apples.

Domokun says "Raaaawwrrhh"

See Penguin


A large brown monster who has his own show and is a mascot for a japanese tv channel

domokun go RARF!!! RAOAR!!!!


The symbol of anti-masturbation.

as seen in: "Everytime you mastrubate, god kills a kitten."

See Larry


Little square brown creature with a gaping toothy mouth, born in Japan. Big in Japan, too. For some reason used as a mascot(not, presumably, by the artists who made the domokun) against the perfectly natural, pleasantand healthy practice of masturbation. See also Religion.

Every time you send that fucking picture, God kills a domokun.

See brown, square, teeth, beady eyes, kitten, stolen, wank, why


he looks like burnt bread, yet he is teh pwnage. he says stuff like "RAOOOOOOOR!"

domokun is one awesome monster.


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