Don Perignon

What is Don Perignon?


Can be spelled Dom Perignon. It was named after a Benedictine monk known as the "Father of Champagne". This bubbly wine (rather champagne) is produced by Moet et Chandon. This champagne is a vintage champagne indicating that all its grapes were harvested in its year of production. It's most famous drink is the Ian Fleming character James Bond. It was also made famous in pop culture by 50 cent, who mentioned mixing it with Henessey.

James Bond: "Don Perignon, '53 please"

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A very expensive champagne, i dunno anything else about it coz 50 cents always mentioning it

You mix a lil' Cris with a little Don Perignon.

And a lil' Hennessy, you know we 'finna carry on.

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