Donkey Sack

What is Donkey Sack?


When you see a girl bending over,wearing a skirt, you whip you member out and impale her butthole very fiercly. While raping, it is engcouraged to bleat like a donkey and thrust like its your last piece of action. Its a very violent and rare form of rape, only done in northern russia

my god, yesterday, this bitch was sporting some nice badunkadunk...and i tried a donkey sack yesterday bro!

woah, for real? how was it?

rape-a-riffic mate!

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Asshole. To be rude/obnoxious, annoying, show off, jackass,airhead,stupidcocky,to crave attention and make the presence of the person known to everyone.

Josh/Donkey Sack:I'm here/Look at me/I win/I'm awesome/I'm the best/etc.

Olivia:Mother fucking donkey sack

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