What is Don't Lie To Make Friends?


An indivual who presents false information with the intention of deceiving another party and trying to look like a baller or to make himself or herself look good. In many cases done infront of an oppisite sex to try and seduce them.

To lie outrageously or brazenly

1.) "Artin lies to make friends when he is around mona his girlfriend."

2.) Navid lies to make friends to Arta to excite him.

3.) Asif says: My name is usif Arta says: Don't lie to make friends (DLTMF)Asif!

4.) Converstation form: Nadim says: "My neckalace is $50 christina" Arta responds " Nadim Don't lie to make friends, you don't have $50"

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Someone who lies in order to make friends.

Arta going on this website and saying that "Usuf" lies to make friends, when really Arta was actually lying that asif lies to make friends....only so that HE could make friends!! ahahaha I would reply:

"Arta, man Don't lie to make friends (DLTMF)"

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