What is Doonie?


(aka vagina) a moist, warm house for the penis.

get your doonie out


a small, smokable joint made out of a hollow piece of dune grass. Though not proven, many swear you can catch a buzz off a few doonies.

pass the doonie, dude.

See joint, high, smoking, dunie, dunies


your boo, or your girl

goodnight doonie. or, son that's my doonie is sexxxy.

See boo, girl, baby, lady, etc.


a racial slur against Indians (not native americans); it is used to describe Indians like nigger would describe black people.

Ankur, being the doonie that he is, built his own computer.

See dune coon, sand nigger, sand, doon, dune


a pair of hooters; boobies

Yo, man, check out them doonies! Those babies be bulgin!

See big c


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