Door Knob

What is Door Knob?


a term for an easy girl who sleeps around. called a door knob because everyone gets a turn

yo that chick is a door knob dont wife that

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A phrase often shouted out when someone in the room busts ass, "farts", letting the person know whom farted to go touch a door knob before everyone beats the shit out of him.

WTF is that smell, door knob!!


a little thing to open the door with

twist the door knob to open the door.

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A short fat cock wider than it is longer, all head no shaft!

Jenifer: Hey Sally, how'd it go with that dude last night?

Sally: Well, he didn't turn me on, if you know what i mean?

Jenifer: No... not really?

Sally: Well, have you ever met a fat midget?

Jenifer: What?!?

Sally: He was a door knob... all head no shaft.

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