Double Negative

What is Double Negative?


The use of two negatives, which cancel each other out.

"a syntactic construction in which two negative words are used in the same clause to express a single negation."

"He didn't say nothing" MEANS- He said something.

"I ain't not never gunna do it" MEANS- I will do it.

"There is not nobody who will go" MEANS- Someone will go.

"I don't want nothing" MEANS- I want something.

"We don't need no education" MEANS- We need education.

If a man did not say nothing, that means he said something.

If a woman does not need NO education, it means that she needs SOME education...

Arlene:You're 20 years old and don't have a job!

Eli:Yeah well i aint not never gunna get one.

Arlene:that's a double negative, you oxymoron!

Eli:Huh? wuss tha?

Arlene:You cancelled yourself out, and made like ur GUNNA get a job...lord knows that aint the truth.

Eli:Stop being such a pansyass know it all

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A mixture of two negative words to create a negative ethos, which actually meakes a positive. A side effect of rapid speech.

"No nothing"

"Don't do nothing"

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The use of two negative words that create improper english.

'we don't need no education'

'yes you do, you just used a double negative!'

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