Downingtown, Pa

What is Downingtown, Pa?


Downingtown is a fake ass ghetto. Everyone from downingtown acts like they duck bullets from gang wars on their way home from school when in reality they all live up in the fuckin hills of West Bradford anyways. This school steals all of the funding from Downingtown East (aka Lionville Highschool which is where all the coke heads from chester springs go). At all the sporting events, the gangsta-ass bastards from D-town west tell the Lionville kids to "Go back up the hill" as if to imply that because they are from Lionville they are much better off than those who reside in the horrible slums of the borough of Downingtown. The Lionville kids then tell these 50 cent fans to shut the hell up because they paid for the scoreboard at the field when the truth is that all the kids at both schools are too doped up on drugs to realize whats going on. This place blows.

East fans: West Sucks

West fans: Go back up the hill

East fans: We bought your scoreboard

West fans: *Unintelligible mumbling with slurred words due to the drastic state of intoxication from their spiked fruit punch from Wawa.


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