Dragon Punch

What is Dragon Punch?


A move preformed when a girl is giving you head and you punch her in the stomach right when you cum, so as she inhales to catch her breath she takes all of the cum into her lungs.

"That bitch gave me some dank head so I dragon punched her ass."

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A rising upper cut move (performed Forward,Down,Forwarddown + Punch) of Ryu and Ken characters from the Street Figther video games meant to intercept aerial opponents. Also used a combo finisher when up close.

Nowadays all figthing games with intercept moves using (F,D,FD + P) is considered as a dragon punch.

Jackie tried to dropped kick me but I sent him to the canvass with a dragon punch.

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The glorious sex move that tops them all, is the infamous 'dragon punch.' Basically, it's when a man takes his penis, and covers it with flammable liquid (e.i. hand sanitizer, aerosol sprays) and lights his dong on fire then shoves it in to a vagina or anus. Thusly it is called the 'dragon punch'.

"dude i wanted to suprise my girlfriend one our one year with a new kinky sex move, but when i dragon punched her, she flipped a cow and broke up with me!

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1.-n or v- A fighting move that involves the attacker to crouch low then spring upward while twisting to completely punishsome one else.

2.-n- An delicious non-alcoholic beveage that is made up of Lemon-Lime soda, Orange Juice, a dash of hot sauce, and and high ammounts of Mint which when made is very pungent.

3.-v- An act of revenge that involves Adding enough hot sauce into someones drink or food that they first attempt to breth liquid fire then punishthe instagator.

1. Oww! Man if i hadn't of gave hime a fake fire extinguisher I wouldn't have been Dragon Puched (or received a Dragon Punch)

2. That Dragon Punch shot a hole straight through my sinuses and my intestines

3. I think we should give Jim a Dragon Punch for eating all of our nachos

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A fictional means of vanquishing your opponent. Most noteably associated with the Street Fighter 2 character Ryu.

Dude, take another cheeto and I'll fucking dragon punch you!

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