Dragon Skin

What is Dragon Skin?


A type of body armor developed by Pinnacle Armor of Fresno, California. It utilizes a pattern of discs thar overlap like dragon scales, hence the name. The scale pattern of this vest also makes it flexible, unlike the current body armor issued to US troops, the Interceptor, which utilizes rectangular ceramic plates inserted into pouches on the vest.

Although Dragon Skin has repeatedly been shown as superior to the Interceptor, it has not been adopted due to corruption & bureaucracy in the US military supply system.

Soldiers were told that if they use any body armor other than the Interceptor, they lose their $400,000 life insurance policy. Interestingly, the CEO of the company that makes the Interceptor threw a $10 million Bar Mitzvah for one of his children. Hmmm....

I saw Dragon Skin armor on the military channel. It's badass.

See body armor, bullet, gun, soldier, corrupt


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