Dragon Slaying

What is Dragon Slaying?


The act of having sex with ugly girls for practice.

1. Tony and I just went Dragon Slaying at the trailer park. Damn those bitches were nasty!

2. Hey Dog, You gotta slay a couple dragons before you save the princess.

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A game played amongst fraternity brothers when an event or exchange is occurring with what is commonly regarded as a "fucking beat-ass sorority." Here are the rules for this noble sport:

1) Break up into teams, no less than two and no more than 4.

2) The object of the game is to get as many points as possible for your team. But how do you get points? Well that's a great question.

Points shall be awarded on the following scale:

1 Point: Making out with a girl

2 Points: Hand job

3 Points: Blow job

4 Points: Straight up dirty sex

However, there's a twist.

x2 Points: On film (i.e. camera phone, video camera)

x2 Points: In public (i.e. bus, dance floor, in line at Carl's Jr.)

So a fictional character named Brad is in Delta Iota Kappa. Unfortunately, Alphi Phi has cancelled, so the only sorority they can party with is Beta Alpha Epsilon Tau. Before the girls come over, another guest comes first to visit the brothers: Mr. Vodka and his friend General Gin. If pre-gaming is done correctly, all brothers should be on the verge of blackout to make the degrading and horrific task ahead somewhat bearable. After the Delts have split up, Brad finds himself on his new team, "The Fuckaneers." It's time to play like a champion.

Once the girls show up, Brad spots Gertrude, a 263 pound German "girl" with hair on her lower back. Luckily, thanks to a pep talk from Mr. Vodka, this 1.5 rated girl just shot up to a healthy 4 and it's time to prepare his sword for some dragon slaying.

After some smooth from Brad talk about his economics class and the relationship between supply and demand in the world market, this desperate shemale is ready to make her move, and Brad is ready to score some puntos.

They go into the bathroom and she begins to perform fallacio on our young hero. During this horrific and slobbery ordeal, Brad's teammate pops his head through the bathroom window and begins to film this grotesque display of attempted oral sex on his iphone. With a quick thumbs up to the camera and a sly smile only a heavily drunken frat boy can muster, Brad has earned an impressive 6 points for his team.

After the disgraceful night of drunken debauchery, points are tallied and only one team can prevail.

Do you have what it takes? Go on, noble frat boy, and play like a champion.

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The act of taking your hands, making it look like your holding the hilt of a sword,swinging your arms up between the legs of an unknowing male and lifting them up in the air by the "hilt of your sword" until their genitals are about to burst, then dropping them and telling them that their dragon has just been slayed

D Daddy Dollaz just went on a dragon slaying spree.

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the act of peeing in a woman's asshole most likey during sex

last night ian's favortie past time is dragon slaying

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